About My Blog

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

My name is Kemesha Kelly. I am passionate about Social Policy, Advocacy, Culture, and Education; so this blog will be my SPACE to discuss those. Youth Development and good governance also have my attention. A trained youth advocate, I have worked with many different organisations to represent the views of children, secondary school students and Jamaican youth. I have been working in youth development and leadership for more than 12 years. I am also a trainer, and facilitator. As a motivational speaker, I enjoy using my voice and story to encourage others, especially young women, to be their best.

At 26 years-old, I feel I have finally settled into womanhood. So, I will also share the joys and challenges of being a young woman. When I have take off my work hats, I enjoy good food, wine and laughter. Reading and cooking are my favourite hobbies.  Chocolate is my favourite food. Second to that, I love Jamaican cuisine; my favourite dish being stewed peas with pig tails, and a serving of ripe plantains.  I am quite empathetic, so I often write from a place of deep emotions. I believe in the good of humanity. My life is powered by the deeply held belief that “With God, all things are possible.”

I love friendships, and I have some of the most amazing women in my circle. I am definitely a part of a circle of winners, and I love to encourage other women to share their stories. It is only fair, then, that I will use this space to share some inspiration from the women I know and will meet. Additionally, I have natural hair, and fully support #BlackGirlMagic. I am a patriotic Jamaican and a proud God-mother to an amazing little girl, so I am sure posts abut these may come.

This blog will also help me to write more. I do like to talk and share, but writing my own stories is critical, as I try to share, learn and inspire. I hope you will come along my writing journey. I welcome your feedback.

So, let’s talk!