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Word are not just wind

Words are powerful. This is something I believe. The words we utter, or the words spoken over us, can impact the course of our lives.

Yes, our words come from what we think. So, let’s spend a little time thinking about words and thoughts.

Oftentimes, people (think motivational speakers and life coaches) use their words to motivate ourselves and others. It’s important that our minds are in the right place and thinking positively. Positive thoughts often lead to positive actions. Consequently, when many people are feeling low, it is easy to speak a positive word of encouragement to them and expect them to feel better, or at least feel motivated.

What if, however, it’s not just about thinking positive thoughts? Truthfully, I know so many people whose outwardly projected energies can be so positively inspiring, yet inside they are fighting serious battles. These people are not feigning positivity; it is what they want to give to others. I know persons whose every action is about uplifting others, but sometimes they cannot uplift themselves.

Beyond ‘thinking positively’, some people need help to unpack and refocus on themselves. See, I have seen people be crippled by past traumatic experiences that have become stuck in their minds, I have seen the debilitating anxiety caused by changing circumstances, the fear of failure and so much more. Yet, some people believe that “just be positive” is the best they can offer. Still yet, some people can only use their words to belittle, tear down and beat upon already broken spirits.

Look at your friends. Do you know how they are really doing? Do you know what words have kept them stuck and caused them pain? When is the last time you helped your friends unpack. Have you simply been invalidating them with positive words like, “it will pass”?
Wait. When is the last time you unburdened your own soul?

With words, you must also ask for help. Be honest about how you feel.

Words are not just wind. They have impact. Beyond uplifting words and positive thoughts, sometimes we should all stop and really speak, and really listen, and really be there in the most honest way.

It takes more than positive words sometimes. But, positive words, thoughts and deeds are always good.

Be gentle with yourself and be gentle with others. Use your words with care. Seek help if you need to. Be a friend indeed.

Editors note:
The last couple of months have been challenging, with many anxious moments, highs and lows. With personal and professional changes afoot, it has also been an exciting time for me. I really have not had much time to write. More honestly, I was not in the mental space for much public writing. However, my journal has been visited frequently. There, writing my words down has been cathartic. I journal in Evernote (great app), and as I was using it earlier, I was inspired to share the post above.
Feel free to share and share your feedback.

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